Client T&C's

The Client shall be entitled to give reasonable instructions to house sitters while they are on the premises.  Additional services will be charged separately.  Please see our price list.

The Client shall not be entitled to dismiss house sitters nor demand that they leave the premises until such time as OCCUPIED HOUSE SITTERS has been given reasonable notice of a request for such dismissal or demand to leave the premises.

OCCUPIED HOUSE SITTERS will not be responsible for any theft on the Client’s premises. House sitters do not provide security; they only occupy the Client’s home at night, feed pets and water plants, should the Client require them to do so.

OCCUPIED HOUSE SITTERS only act as agents on behalf of the house sitters on our website, they are not employed by OCCUPIED HOUSE SITTERS. OCCUPIED HOUSE SITTERS will not be held responsible for any of the house sitter’s actions.

WE DO, HOWEVER book the same sitters on a regular basis for all our bookings and most of our sitters have been with us for many years.  We seldom use new sitters, when we do, they are listed as BEGINNER STATUS sitters.

OCCUPIED HOUSE SITTERS does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused to the Client’s house while the house sitter is occupying the house. Should such damage be caused due to the negligence or willful act of the house sitter looking after your property the said house sitter will be personally liable for all such damage caused.

The house sitters are not allowed to eat of the food in the Client’s house, unless the client gives his/her express permission.

The house sitters are not allowed to invite a friend or friends over to the Client’s house, unless the client gives his/her express permission.

The house sitter is instructed to be at the Client’s house by 19:00 in the evenings and to sleep over.

The house sitters are not allowed to smoke or drink alcoholic beverages in or around the Client’s house.  The majority of our house sitters doesn't drink or smoke.

Cancellation policy is applicable to all services booked through Occupied House Sitters.
Cancellations must be done in writing.
Cancellation fees:
0 - 14 days prior to departure date: 50% of the total cost
15 - 30 days prior to departure date: 30% of the total cost
31 - 45 days prior to departure date: 10% of the total cost, Minimum R150
46 days prior to departure date and earlier: R150 deposit is forfeited.