House Sitter T&C's

You are not an employee of Occupied. We merely act as an agent for your services as a house sitter.

Once you have been placed on our website, Occupied does not guarantee that we will use your services.

We decide who we book according to feedback we get from your clients and according to how quick your respond to enquiries regarding your availability.

If anything goes missing from the house of the Client, you will be immediately removed from our website and you will not be paid for your services.

We, “Occupied House Sitters” will not be held responsible for stolen or missing goods and will provide the Client with all your contact details if he wants to take the matter further.

You will be personally liable for all damage or loss to the property caused due to your own negligence or willful intent.

Occupied cannot be held responsible for any injury or death as a result of your duties as house sitter.

You will look after the property at own risk and Occupied cannot be held responsible for any damage to your own personal property whilst executing your duties as a house sitter.

You are not allowed to offer this type of services to any other client / company, other than “Occupied House Sitters” as long as you advertise with us, if you do so, we will not advertise your services anymore and we reserve our right to proceed with legal action against you should we incur any loss as a result of your actions.

In the event that you decide to terminate your agreement with Occupied you will not be allowed to carry on the same business or trade, to Occupied's clients.

You have to give at least 84 hours notice AND find a replacement from our website if you will not be able to look after the house you agreed upon looking after.

No smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages are allowed in or around the Client’s house

You are not allowed to have friends or a friend over at the Client’s house

You have to be at the Client’s house by 19:00 in the evenings and sleep over.  You are not allowed to leave during the night, unless pre-arranged or in case of an emergency.  In which case you must contact us immediately.

You are not allowed to eat of the food in the Client’s house unless otherwise stated by the
Client in his request.  Make sure that the client specifies this in the contract that you sign with him to prevent disputes afterwards.

You must bring your own food and toiletries etc.  To prevent damage to client's pots and pans, you are advised to take your own pots and pans if possible.

You are not permitted to use any other products in the Client’s house (toiletries etc.)

You are not allowed to use the home phone for any calls or internet activities, except if the Client requested otherwise.

You have to ask the client if they want you to phone them from the landline every night at 7pm to update them on the status of their pets and home or if you should sms them.
You must leave the house as you found it (clean and tidy) – remember it is your reputation that is on the line.  If the house is left in a worse state than you found it in, you will not be paid for your services.

No loud music is allowed. Neighbours can complain to the client.

You are not allowed to open for anybody except those stipulated in the Client’s request.
Occupied cannot be held responsible for any attacks by thieves and/or robbers on your person or on the property.

You have to do the tasks as instructed by the Client and you will be rewarded as agreed upon.

You will get paid after the Client has contacted us and are satisfied with your service.

You will be paid according to your performance, your effort will determine under which category you will be placed.  The Category will determine how much you will get paid per night.

Request a Client Contract from us with your first house sitting, so that you can make copies for every house sitting assigned to you.

Please note: We may randomly check in or phone you to see if everything is fine.