My Testimonial

How it all started...

Written by Petri Nel - Owner of Occupied House Sitters:

It was always my heart's desire to get married, have 2 kids, a boy and a girl.
I also had the desire to work from home, to be there for my kids and have them around me all the time, so that I would not miss out on watching them grow up and being part of their every day lives.

Almost 2 years after my husband and I got married, we were expecting our baby girl Abigail.
At the time I was working for my husband's IT Company in the Accounts Department.
I couldn't continue working there once Abigail was born, as it was very difficult taking her to the office every day.

The one day I was sitting on my bed and praying to find out what God had in mind for us, He knew I wanted to work from home.
Immediately the idea popped into my head as if from nowhere!  "Organizing house sitters for people going on holiday"
I thought to myself "What a strange idea", because at the time, I didn't know that any service like that existed, except people doing it for family and friends.  But not strangers house sitting for the time we couldn't find any professional house sitting services online in South Africa.

So I went to my husband and told him what had just happened and he agreed that it could work.

We started working on the idea, developing the concept and we have been shaping it ever since.

Thirteen months after Abigail was born we had a baby boy, called Xanthus.  All my heart's desires were fulfilled!

I have also recently realized that it has always been my passion organizing things and I enjoy every single moment of my working day.  When I was small I always organized my own birthday party, once the party was over I immediately started planning for my next one, a year in advance!!

My reason for having this Bible verse on my website is because:
God gave me the idea, provided for us to make everything possible and opened doors where necessary.  He gave us the strength to get through the tough times and blessed us with amazing times.  And thus I take no credit for what Occupied House Sitters has accomplished over the years, because everything I have - God has given me.

When people say "Well done, Petri" - I just tell them that ALL the Glory should go to Jesus Christ alone!