Services Offered

Our Pet Sitters and House Sitters are extremely reliable

Most of our Sitters have been with us for many years and we seldom use new Sitters, if we do use new Sitters, they are listed as "Beginner Status" Sitters

Our Pet Sitters and House Sitters love all types of pets and take excellent care of them

House Sitters and Pet sitters offer the same services, while House Sitters sleep over and Pet Sitters can come in once or twice per day.

Our Retired Sitters stay all day and night, and are allowed to go out 3 hours per day if needed

Please specify services required, in your e-mail to us

Our Pet Sitters and House Sitters offer the following services:

Pet sitters can water plants

Pet sitters feed your pets

Pet sitters play with your pets

Pet sitters walk your dogs

Pet Sitters can activate and de-activate your alarm system

Pet Sitters can open up for Gardening services

Pet Sitters can take out the garbage bins

Pet Sitters can switch lights on and off

Pet Sitters can remove junkmail from your post box at home

Pet Sitters will provide that there is movement at your home

Pet Sitters can look after your reptiles, birds, cats and dogs, horses, etc.

Pet sitters can administer medication to your pet

Pet Sitters can supervise buiding / repairs on your property

Pet Sitters can open up for your Domestic worker

Pet sitters can look after your swimming pool

The price for pet sitters who are not required to sleep over are indicated under Daytime Services, this is only a guide and depend on the amount of services you will require of the pet sitter daily