Frequently Asked Questions

A:  We prefer to use people from 23 years up to 70 years old to house sit and pet sit.  We use working people and retired people.

Answer: Our house sitters are instructed to leave your home exactly as they found it.  Our sitters are extremely neat and tidy.
The house sitter only get paid upon receiving a satisfactory report from the client.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are having somebody else like a friend or family member look after your home before one of our sitters take over, they have to leave the house clean and tidy, because when our house sitters take over they have to only clean after themselves and leave the house as they found it.

Answer: They are not allowed to use your washing machine. They may only use your kettle, stove and microwave.  Unless you give them permission to use other appliances.

Answer:  You will have to provide a bed for the house sitter to sleep on. The house sitter will bring their own bedding unless you insist that they use the bedding provided by yourself.

Answer: Our prices are on a sliding scale, the longer you go away, the less you pay per night.  Please view the different pricing options by clicking on the PRICES link the main menu.

Answer: Yes, you should provide the House Sitter with a list of duties, including feeding of pets, playing with pets, giving them medication, walking of dogs, and other pet related services.

A:  Some websites only list sitters without personally interviewing them, Occupied House Sitters interviews our sitters personally, then they go through a screening process and references are checked.  We keep all their personal info and documents on file in case of any incidences.  Although there has never been any cases filed against one of our sitters.


We have a system to make our House Sitting Services affordable to all our Clients, depending on their needs.

Our House Sitters are assigned with a status / ranking depending on their performance:

1. Pro Status
2. Regular Status
3. Beginner Status

This will encourage our sitters to try harder to work themselves up the rankings. What this means to our clients (short version):

1. Pro Status – Clients who require these Sitters will be charged R20 extra per night.

Only our Top sitters will reach this status
Have been house sitting for Occupied House Sitters for 6 or more months
Have only received top ratings from our clients
LOVE animals and know how to really give them a lot of attention
Quick to respond
Excellent service delivered to clients
Goes the extra mile, and are always available and willing to help out in case of emergency bookings.

2. Regular Status – Clients pay our normal price which has not increased since 2008.

These are our regular reliable sitters
They have done regular sittings for Occupied House Sitters
They have received good ratings from our clients
They love animals

3. Beginner Status – Clients get a R20 per night discount.

The discount is to give our new sitters a chance to become regulars
These sitters are new
They have not house sat for Occupied House Sitters
They have been screened, references checked and interviewed

If you have any questions regarding our new system, please do not hesitate to ask me.

  • Please remember that your pets may react differently to being left with a pet / house sitter.  They may mess a lot and dehidrate.  Or they might refuse to eat or drink. 
  • Remember to sign the contract that is available from us, with the house sitter in full.  The contract serves to protect, both the client and the house sitter.  If both the client and the house sitter didn't sign the contract.  The contract is not valid and cannot be used as protection.

A:  Occupied House Sitters and Pet Sitters have been in business since 2005.

A: We recommend that the client lock all the rooms where the house sitter doesn't need to go. The client also has to put away small valuable items, so that there is no dispute afterwards.The house sitters are reliable and will not take anything from your house. They only get paid upon receiving a satisfactoy report from the client.If, in any case something does go missing, the client must report the house sitter to the police, Occupied House Sitters will provide the client with all the house sitter's details.

Answer:  Yes we do.

Answer: Yes, you sign a contract with the house sitter. The house sitter has a contract with Occupied House Sitters.

Answer: No, the House Sitters have to bring their own food, unless you insist otherwise.